ParaScope's Origins
...lie in a radio show called Gnosis, which ran for more than five years, exposing facts and fictions in equal measure in a forum open to all ideas. Listeners could tune in and hear everyone from former US senators to activists to just plain people with an interesting story to tell.

The second clip makes national news with no problem but the first and third would never be aired.

Because those stories don't fit the official narrative fed to us and run counter to official conventional wisdom. This incident was used to scare the public into accepting full-body scanners into American airports, despite the fact that Amsterdam airport, where he got on in the first place via as-yet undetermined means, already had these scanners in place.

And They Failed
Since it wouldn't help feed people's fear of travel if they knew the teenaged terrorist had somehow circumvented these measures with the help of a "...wealthy-looking Indian or Southeast Asian man around age 50", this information was conveniently excised from major media sources in thrall to a governmental narrative

...there was never any word from major publications or broadcasters of the further bomb scare once the plane was on the ground, with a man even being arrested and led away, indicating that this was was not a singular incident.

In Fact
...the only place you heard it was from independent sources like Gnosis, not beholden to advertisers or censors. Given the dearth of shows like this, it is vitally important to bring one like ParaScope to terrestrial radio on the largest talk station in the region.

This is an opportunity to reach the most intentionally misinformed group of people where they prefer to congregate, offering them a look at the full picture, not just PhotoShop edits-will you help them to see it?